Concept development

Material design

Exhibition design 

The mixed media installation; Designed by microorganisms is about the symbiosis between design and nature. Looking to nature I try to find new models to imagine, visualize and create materials. Focussing on the tactile, aural and visual qualities of a material. In this project I explore the behavior of microorganisms by introducing them as designers and using design to reveal hidden patterns in the landscapes of information around us. The material becomes an imprint of how microorganisms interact, communicate and connect with the world. This natural transformation become a driver in my work, figuring out how I can implant this wonder in our human behavior and environment.


“Revealing natural wonders by tickling the senses. I aim to make people aware and introduce them to the behaviour of microorganisms and expose what can be created from our invisible resources.



Comission: Coolpolitics

Exhibition: Urban Cultures Festival Munich ‘ Design & Sustainability ‘