Concept development

Material  design

Interior design 

Hotel The Exchange is a fashion hotel in the centre of Amsterdam with unique rooms ranging from 1-to-5 stars. Rooms are dressed like models on the runway by young fashion designers from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), allowing you to sleep in fashion and wake up in style, in the centre of Amsterdam.


Hotel The Exchange is an independent design hotel in central Amsterdam that playfully weaves together fashion and architecture in unique rooms ranging from one to five stars. The hotel is developed in collaboration with AMFI, the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, and is part of ‘The Red Carpet,’ an urban-renewal project of NV Stadsgoed that is aimed at giving the Damrak – the main street of Amsterdam, which leads from Central Station to Dam square – a more diverse and fashionable look.

The hotel is developed in close collaboration with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). Every single one of the 62 hotel rooms has been designed with a lot of attention and dressed by  students and alumni of this Amsterdam-based fashion school. 

I designed 5 Rooms with my own personal vision within the concept of Growing creatures'.My design ideas are a discovery channel to the world of the Unknown. Textile & Interior behaving as living organisms. Where textile transforms itself into a  infinite landscape by deforming and growing in space.



Materials: Audax textiel museum, Innofa 

Collaboration: InaMatt, Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Comission: Hotel the Exchange