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Concept development

Material design 

Bio Technology

Graphic Design

From immersing ourselves in digitally created worlds to digitally enhancing our physical world, mixed reality is the future of computing and will unleash the creativity of every person and every organization on the planet. But there is a lack of understanding when it comes to how the digital en the physical can be integrated into both learning and creating. Hence it is fundamental to question: How the mixed reality world is influencing our human perception of materials? We aim at searching for an answer using a material-sensory lab.

In the material-sensory lab, students and teachers will work with the functional and experiential characteristics of materials to research the possibilities of sensorial learning and sensorial creating. It will be a space to examine the sensorial experience of materials and explore the interconnected process of the physical world in which materials are tangible, and new digital technologies where materials are intangible

I developed this poster for a research presentation at ARCH Fashion Colloquia and Research Conference 2020,  Jaipur, India 


Comission: ARCH Fashion Colloquia and Research Conference 2020,  Jaipur, India