Iris Kloppenburg is a material and visual designer who is always looking for a new challenge. She is skilled in imagining and visualizing future concepts. Iris comes up with authentic concepts and prototypes of future materials, based on a sustainably philosophy.

During her career she gained a lot of experience in natural dying and printing and also set up the company Tiny Wonders Amsterdam were she let kids discover the wonders of nature in a creative and playful way, led by their own creativity & curiosity. Giving workshops in natural dying and printing the kids learn about sustainability and craftsmanship and how they can contribute to this exploring their own creative talents.


Next to this she is also a teacher and coordinator at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, were she teaches in print design, material design and visual communication.


Her passion is to cross borders and can be found in her diverse background of working in fashion, materials, product design, interior design and forecasting.


She is always open to meet new people, ideas and initiatives! 

"Revealing natural wonders
 by tickling the senses"